smart CX70

Limitless TV!

The CX 70 is equipped with an interface to the CI + unlimited HDTV experience in many cable networks. Combined with a CI + module and a smart card from your cable provider opens up a new world of television *.

Equipped with the new "RASS" sorting system. you must no longer have to search your programs,  now find your favorite stations quickly.

The USB ports (on the front and back) to expand your receiver for connecting an external storage medium (for example a hard disk).

Additionally, the CX70 has a digital audio output for connection to a home theater system.

*for example in connection with a cable connection including Smartcard from Kabel Deutschland.

- HDMI output 720p / 1080i
with "RASS" sort your program on the cable network system
- CI+ Interface
Integrated Media Player (avi, mp3, mkv, uvm...)
Connecting external Storage media possible (PVR-Ready)
- 4000 TV- and radio Channels
- Softwareupdate: USB
- Scart connector
Accessories: Remote control, batteries, manual, HDMI cable
Dimensions (W x H x D): 260 x 50 x 220 mm

Order-No. 24-01-01-0005



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