Zappix KD

Smart card in - Entertainment go!

The Zappix KD is made for use with the Kabel Deutschland network. The device can receive scrambled channels with the Kabel Deutschland smart card*.

The receiver is equipped with "RASS", the channel sorting system of smart electronic. 

With RASS (Receiver Automatic Sorting System) you do not need anymore to spend a lot of time on sorting channels during channel list creation. The intelligent system organizes all the distributed TV channels automatically in a clear order.

Additionally, you can extend your receiver as a video capture device by connecting an external storage device (eg a hard disk) to the USB or eSATA interface.

Also, the Zappix KD contains a digital audio output to connect a home cinema system.

* You can directly order the Kabel Deutschland smart card via Kabel Deutschland, phone no. 0800 27 87 000 (available free of charge from Germany).

- HDMI out up to 1080p / Full HD
- With "RASS", the channel sorting system for cable
- Media player included (avi, mp3, mkv, uvm...)
- Connection possibilities for ext. storage devices (
- PVR-Ready: recording of programs on an external USB storage

- Software upgrade: USB
- eSATA interface
- Digital audio (5.1 s
urround sound)
- Scart connector (video out)
- Power switch
- Accessories: remote control, batteries, manual
- Dimensions (W x H x D):
260 x 50 x 180 mm

Order-No. 24-01-01-0701




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