smartSTREAM : LIVE-TV on your mobile phone or tablet PC


Live TV streaming from TV to mobile devices

What is smartSTREAM?

Which viewer has not sometimes wished to take the current television program into the kitchen, in the garden, or in the study? Equipped with the feature smartSTREAM the new satellite receivers mirage CX02 and mirage CX05 not only supports playback of HD television on the Big Screen, but also the transfer of the current TV program to the home network.

Thus the user has the option to stream Live TV to his mobile devices, such as tablet PC or smartphone, and continue watching in another room. Moreover, the ongoing program can be stopped and even recorded.


What you need?

The only requirements are only an existing wireless router and a SAT> IP app that must be installed on your tablet or smartphone. One of the best apps is currently the Elgato Satellite> IP app, which is available for iOS and Android already for less than 1 Euro in the App Store.

Available from 26/08/2013 at your specialized dealer.

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